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By Fuerstar group wholly owned holding Henan Ocean Intelligent Equipment co., LTD. (here in after referred to as the"ocean company" ) is located in kaifeng, qi county, the geographical position is superior, the total investment more than 100 million yuan, factory building area of more than 3 hectares, is the collection of the whole industry chain of grain and oil technology research and development, engineering design, manufacture, installation and service in a body's modernized comprehensive enterprise; Committed to the oil production, refining,fractionation, biodiesel, protein engineering, wheat flour processing, corn flour processing, stone mill flour processing, grain processing, starch processing,grain and oil storage engineering construction and machinery manufacturing, and provides the grain circulation economy engineering turnkey engineering services, to provide users with comprehensive project solution and form a complete set of mature products
Ocean company has long carried out university-enterprise cooperation with Henan University of Technology and COFCO Zhengzhou Research and Design Institute in terms of production, education and research. Ocean has established a laboratory in Henan University of Technology and hired senior professors and experts in grain and olil engineering as consultants. The company has grain and oil industry mechanical, electrical, control and other professional more than 60 senior engineering technicians, has the strong ability of research and development and engineering design, with perfect office hardware facilities, scientific research, design, and has the perfect equipment manufacturing system and installation qualification team, committed to new product new technology development, has more than 70 patents technology. 
Company has a complete, exquisite workmanship, advanced technology of machining, welding and testing and other specialized equipment,including laser cutting machine, CNC flame plasma cutting machine,CNC lathe, machining center, automatic submerged arc welding machine, welding robot, X-ray flaw detector, ultrasonic flaw detector, air tightness, the water pressure experiment equipment, effectively ensure the quality of product manufacturing.
Ocean has a sound and perfect R & D, manufacturing and management system; Passed ISO 9001 quality management system, ISO 14001 environmental management system, ISO 45001 occupational health and safety management system certification, with the first and second class pressure vessel manufacturing qualification. Always put advanced technology, professional quality and considerate service in the first place, to meet the needs of customers for the purpose.
Strict design, precision manufacturing, scientific construction and wholehearted and thoughtful all-round service have won the trust and support of the vast number of users. The company provides complete sets of equipment and services for more than 300 famous oil and flour enterprises at home and abroad, and its products are exported to more than 30 countries and regions such as Africa, Southeast Asia, Central Asia, Latin America and Europe.

What We Do?

Main business:

★30-5000Ton/day PLC control pre-pressing, extrusion, dehulling,pre-treatment line.

★50-5000Ton/day PLC control solvent extraction line

★30-3000Ton/day PLC control oil continuous physical/chemical refinery line

★50-1000Ton/day PLC control winterization/dewaxing/fractionation line

★30-500Ton/day PLC control low temperature desolventizing line

★20-200Ton/day PLC control peanut low temperature drying and red skin removing line

★5-600Ton/day PLC control superfine fragrant peanut oil/cold press line

★5-50Ton/day PLC control soya concentrated phospholipid/powder phospholipid line

★PLC control soya/peanut/sunflower seeds tissued protein/concentrated protein/isolated protein line

★2-50Ton/day margarine/shortening line

★Biodiesel production line

★ 1-120T/H palm oil mill


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