Palm Oil Press Machine

Section Introduction:

The palm oil press has high oil yield, good quality, simple operation, small footprint, etc We also provide you with professional full set of palm production line

Palm Oil Press Machine
Production Capacity: 300-15000 kg/h

Raw Material:  Palm fruit, palm kernel
The single/double screw palm oil press is made of high wear-resistant cast steel, and the gap inside the press screw is designed according to the characteristics of palm fruit; the enhanced gears run more stably and improve the oil yield, which is widely used in small oil refineries and oil businesses.


Palm Oil Press Machien Features

◆Reasonable and Simple Design;
◆Small Size, Covering Little Space;
◆Saving Labor and Electricity;
◆Easy Operation and Convenient Maintenance

Technical Parameters

Model Capacity Power Dimension Weight
ZYFR500 300-500Kg/h 5.5 KW 1,205×510×1,070 MM 500 KG
ZYFR1T 1000Kg/h 7.5 KW 1,700×700×1,50 MM 600 KG
ZYFR2T 2000Kg/h 11 KW 1,700×700×1,500 MM 1670 KG
ZYFR5T 5000Kg/h 15 KW 2,310×960×620 MM 3260 KG
ZYFR10T 15000Kg/h 22 KW 4,900×1,850×1,020 MM 5100 KG


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