Rice bran Oil Production Plant

Section Introduction:

Production Capacity: 10~500 T D Raw Material: rice bran, soya bean, Cottonseeds and other oilseeds Main equipment: magnetic separator, oil press machine, oilseed softening machine, dryer, cooler, filter, etc

Rice bran oil mill plant includes pretreatment, extraction and refining process to get edible oil. Rice bran is the by-product of rice milling, the oil contents are different due to the different varieties and difference in the number of inclusions in rice bran, which is usually 12% - 20%.
Rice bran oil production line is mainly composed of the following parts:

The pretreatment process
Pretreatment mainly includes rice bran chaff separation process, softening process and rice bran puffing process.
Rice bran → magnetic separation, floury product separation → softening and conditioning → rice bran puffing → drying and cooling→ the extraction process.

The extraction process
Extraction mainly includes extracting system, evaporation system and cooling system.
                                     solvent                   solvent recovery
                                      ↓                                ↓
Puffed rice bran→ oil extraction→ mixed oil processing→ crude oil
Recovery of solvent ←evaporation of wet meal→ product meal      

The refining process
Rice bran oil refining includes continuous dephosphorization and degumming process, physical deacidification and deodorization process, continuous dehydration process, decolorization and filtration process, crystallization and crystal growing process, dewaxing process and electrical control system.
Rice bran crude oil → phosphoric acid degumming→ washing and drying→ dewaxing→ decoloring→ physical deacidification and deodorization→ degreasing→ refined oil

Advantage of Ocean Rice Bran Oil Mill

(1) High oil yield , obvious economic benefit.
(2) Residual oil rate in the dry meal is low.
(3) Improving the quality of the meal and oil.
(4) Low processing cost , high labor productivity.
(5) High automatic and labor saving.


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