Soybean Oil Production Plant

Section Introduction:

Production Capacity: 30~1500 TPD Raw Material: Cottonseed, soybean, rapeseed, tea seed, peanut, corn germ, rice bran, sunflower, etc Main equipment: Vibrating screen, stone removing machine, crusher, magnetic separator, softening machine

Soybean oil processing line includes soybean pretreatment process, soybean oil leaching process and soybean crude oil refining process.
Pretreatment process:

Leaching process:
                        solvent           solvent recovery
                            ↓                   ↓
Soybean flake→ extractor → mixed oil treatment→ crude oil
Solvent recovery ←evaporation of wet meal →finished meal
Refining process:
Soybean crude oil
phosphoric acid degumming—washing and drying—adsorption and decolorization—distillation and deodorization—filtration-- refined oil

Advantage of Ocean Soybean Oil Mill
(1) High oil yield , obvious economic benefit.
(2) Residual oil rate in the dry meal is low.
(3) Improving the quality of the meal and oil.
(4) Low processing cost , high labor productivity.
(5) High automatic and labor saving.


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