Oil Production Plant

Section Introduction:

Efficient oil production plant equipment involves a series of procesing steps, so what s kind of equipment should be installed in the oil extraction plant equipment

A complete oil production line includes: pre-treatment section,pre-pressing and extraction section,oil refining sector. 

We can provide the complete set of oil extraction equipment for Oil Production Line.(1TPD-1000TPD)
It can use for coconut, sesame , walnut, sunflower, peanut, rapeseed, soybean, palm fruit / palm kernel and so on.

1.Oilseed Preparation: 
Seed preparation process tor many type of seed basically includes:

• Cleaning
• Cracking
• Cooking-conditioning
• Flaking
• Pre-pressing
• Full pressing

2.Oil Extraction Process:
Seed oil cake→extraction with solvent→mixed oil→evaporation→evaporation→steam-stripping→crude oil.

Advantages are the following:
• The complete range of models can be adapted to most oil production, different scale production
• Advanced design, seiko production, reliable operation, energy saving;
• Negative pressure evaporation process, energy saving and improve product quality;
• Oil-oil heat exchange process is adopted to make full use of the residual heat of extracted crude oi.
• Oil-oil heat exchange process is used to save part of the heat energy, effectively enrich the solvent in tail gas, reduce the solvent

3. Refining Process
Seed crude oil→water washing and alkali refining→ dephosphorization degumming→ continuous decoloration→continuous deodorization→to fractionation and dewaxing workshop

The capacity of oil refining equipment can be designed according to customers' requirements, including;
135, 102030501001502003004506008001000TPD

Advantages are the following:
• Low temperature long-mixed alkali refinery process
• Zero sewage discharge degumming process
• Low carbon, energy saving and environmental protection chilling vacuum system design

Advantage of Cooking Oil Production Line

(1) High Oil Yield , Obvious Economic Benefit.
(2) Residual Oil Rate in the Dry Meal is Low.
(3) Improving the Quality of the Meal and Oil.
(4) Low Processing Cost , High Labor Productivity.
(5) High Automatic and Labor Saving.

♦Our Service

We help you to set up full-scale oil extraction plant in your factory by:
• Factory price, greatly save your time and cost.
• Our engineers will visit your site, measure the site and agree on your ideas, capabilities and resources
• Production line sketches based on your site conditions
• A list of the necessary equipment according to your situation
• The equipment list and layout plan will allow you to make sound decisions about the creation of your production line.
• We prepare the oil extraction equipment for adjustment, commissioning and start-up.

We have set up edible oil plants in Kenya, Ethiopia, Cameroon, Cote d'Ivoire, Pakistan and Ghana etc. and can provide the most suitable solution for your animal&vegetable oil plants according to local conditions.

Our expertise allows us to provide the complete technical support, from the design until the start-up and operation of your new plant.


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