1. When the screw type oil expeller is running, the processed oil enters the chamber from the hopper, and the screw turns to push the embryo inward continuously. Because the embryo is in motion in the chamber of the oil press, under the condition of high pressure in the chamber, there is a great friction resistance between the embryo and the screw, the embryo and the chamber, so that the micro-material of the embryo can be produced. Friction causes relative motion.
2. On the other hand, because the diameter of the root circle of the pressing screw increases gradually and the pitch decreases gradually, when the pressing screw rotates, the embryo can move forward and turn outward. At the same time, the material layer near the surface of the pressing screw also rotates along the pressing axis, so that each embryo particle in the pressing chamber does not move at the same speed, in the same direction, but also exists between the particles.
The heat generated by friction meets the necessary heat in the operation of oil pressing technology, which helps to promote the thermal denaturation of protein in the embryo, destroy colloid, increase plasticity, and also reduces the viscous easy to precipitate oil, thus increasing the oil yield of the oil press, making the oil in the material squeezed out, and flowing out from the round row gap and strip row gap.

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